More than a marketplace

Digital and transparent

Private Placements

Structure, manage and accompany your promissory note (Schuldscheindarlehen) and registered bond (Namensschuldverschreibung) easily and fully paperless throughout its entire life cycle by using the new digital market standard. Find and access all data, documents and information in one venue – even after years – and connect easily with your partners.

Key benefits


For the first time ever, issuers have an independent insight into the full issuance process of their private placement transaction. Be involved in investor communications, learn on the deal what is relevant to investors, interact seamlessly with arrangers and follow your current transaction status transparently at any time and place. See your transaction take off by reaching out to the largest international investor base in the market, while benefiting from lower costs due to optimized digital processes. 


Save hours of repetitive work and focus on more essential tasks. Structure transactions within minutes, communicate and provide information and documentation instantly and simultaneously to your targeted investor audience and automatically transfer data to the back office. Concentrate on your client’s journey and attract more issuers by offering a modern and completely paperless transaction process, while relying on superior compliance and up-to-date KYC information – at any time.


Get access to top issuers and deals that meet your investment preferences on our digital marketplace and benefit from a broad universe of investment opportunities. Stay always up-to-date on currently running transactions, while easily accessing all relevant information and documentation throughout the full life cycle of each deal. Avoid tedious paper-based confirmation processes and benefit from a broad range of services as well as the highest available IT-standards on a free of charge basis.

Standardised and smart

Syndicated Loan

Gain control of all loan processes and benefit from a flexible and digital workflow provided by the new market standard in loan business. Use state-of-the-art technology to structure and execute loans simply and efficiently and collaborate with your syndicate partners in one central venue. Negotiate and finalize documents simultaneously with all participants commenting and editing in one always up-to-date online version.

Key benefits


Loan business easy as never before! Succeed with your transaction by working closely and efficiently with relevant key partners. Plan, RfP and tender transactions effortlessly and share relevant information by just one click. Benefit from a standardized and transparent loan process, while staying in contact with financing partners throughout the entire transaction.


Strengthen customer loyalty by putting your clients at the center of your daily syndicate work and enable them to collaborate efficiently. Syndicate banks and borrowers benefit from our simplified and progressive syndication process alike. Accelerate your transactions and reduce costs by using new digital market standard technology. Acquire and handle mandates successfully, while managing negotiations and closings efficiently and without media breaks.

Syndicate Bank

Generate new business opportunities by digitalizing and simplifying your syndicate processes – negotiate, settle the pricing and conclude your loan business in one central venue. Benefit from transparency, speed and intuitive processes without any media breaks. Distribute information at the push of a button and consult with in-house units or external consultants effortlessly and efficiently. Track all steps leading to a successful transaction.

Quick and easy

Secondary market loans

Optimise and manage actively your credit portfolio. Organise your transfer of credit risks completely digitally on vc trade. Access a large and constantly growing network of investors and realise time and resource savings through standardised and digitalised processes. Each transaction has its own highly secure document and data room as well as a Q&A process created according to compliance guidelines. The transaction is executed legally binding – as in our primary market. Reduce complexity and risky settlement processes by high standardisation and digitalized processes.  

Key benefits


Focus on your transaction success: creation and execution of your secondary market transaction completely digital on vc trade. Determine the facility subject to offer, detail transaction parameters, choose the appropriate pricing method and start distributing to potential investors. vc trade allows for personalised invitations of investors and additionally offers the use of our growing investor network. Targeted investor approach benefits from available statistics and utilisable investor preferences. Keeping track of investor activities, communication and pricing in one digital venue significantly improves your day to day work routines.  


Gain access to a fast growing market with various investment opportunities including corporate loans, real estate loans and NPLs. Your defined investment preferences allow a targeted access to transactions fitting to your investment objectives. Centrally provided data and deal information foster a smooth and efficient investment decision process. Benefit from the structured Q&A process to exchange information and conclude legally binding transactions directly on vc trade.


Manage your credit portfolio and transfer credit risks comfortable and quick. It is your choice as to whether you take on the role of the dealer yourself and become visible to potential buy-side counterparties or collaborate with one of the dealers active on vc trade as part of our dealer model and remain anonymous in the background of the transaction. Benefit from our digital settlement process and take advantage of the as sociated process efficiencies and enhanced transaction security.

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Work with strong partners

Beyond Products

In order to offer our clients a complete service package, the range of services offered by vc trade is complemented by additional optional services and strong cooperation partners in the field of legal advice and rating. The integrated services provide optimal support during every phase of your transaction and facilitate a smooth transaction process.

Preferred Transaction Counsel

The market-leading law firms Linklaters LLP and White & Case LLP offer borrowers and issuers legal support for their transactions directly and completely digitally on vc trade within the framework of tailor-made service offerings.

Linklaters LLP is a leading national and global commercial law firm with 30 offices in 20 countries. In Germany, about 280 lawyers advise leading global companies and financial institutions on complex issues of commercial, banking and tax law. With innovative, multidisciplinary and sector-specific solutions, Linklaters supports clients in realising their strategies at any time and in any place.

White & Case LLP is one of the leading international law firms and is present in the key economic centers of the world, with 42 offices in 30 countries. In Germany, around 200 lawyers, tax advisors and notaries are active in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg.


Credit ratings enable an accelerated assessment of the creditworthiness of borrowers and issuers and thus support the decision-making process of investors in the context of credit analysis. Regulatory accepted ratings at advantageous conditions are available through vc trade in cooperation with Scope Ratings GmbH.

As a leading European rating agency, Scope Ratings GmbH offers an opinion-strong, forward-looking credit risk analysis that is not purely mechanical. The company specialises in the analysis and evaluation of financial institutions, companies, structured finance, project finance and public finance.

ESG is the future

Sustainable financing continues to gain in importance and is a central element of many borrowers and lenders’ sustainability strategies. We are teaming up with market leading arrangers to provide borrowers and issuers with easy and quick access to sustainable transactions and an investor network focused on sustainability objectives. In addition, the fully digital and paperless placement process via vc trade makes its own contribution to a sustainable financing strategy for our clients.

Die ING is one of the biggest banks in the world and ranked one of the top banks in Europe. While its primary businesses comprises retail, direct, commercial, investment, wholesale, private banking as well as asset management and insurance services, the ING has recently become the leading green advisor for ESG related financing on the private debt market.