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in the European loan markets

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The single source of truth for deal data and asset allocation

Combining the strength of innovation and technology

The central market for loan business

vc trade is the leading platform provider in the market, offering all market participants fast and convenient access to all private debt products, while unifying and standardising as many process steps as possible. Private debt products can be transacted simply, paperless and legally binding throughout their entire life cycle. All relevant transaction information – whether historical or current – as well as communication and document traffic can be found here in a clear and uniform way.

Key benefits of our digital venue

One venue for private debt

Private Debt connected

The world of issuers, arrangers, investors and advisors connected to cover each work step in private debt transactions. Avoid media breaches and manual work, while working collaboratively throughout every step of a loan origination and syndication in one fully digital venue. 

Setting standards for loan distribution

Countless hours of documentation work saved – generate trade documentation based on standard documents, negotiate contracts collaboratively in real time and execute via embedded e-signature directly on the platform. Eliminate manual data transfers and manual reconciliation needs. Be as compliant as possible by handling deals and communication smart and efficiently via secure communication suites that are fully traceable whenever needed.

Source of truth and digital record of ownership

Safeguard data consistently and reliably with DLT. Keep paperless records of ownership in financial assets for all parties, anytime, anywhere by using a single source of truth and state-of-the-art technology. Capture the entire lifecycle of a deal, while making legacy systems redundant.

Private debt connected in one venue

vc trade products

Private placement

Issuers, arrangers and investors meet on our central marketplace to manage and accompany their transactions transparently throughout their full life cycle. While issuers actively monitor and follow the issuance process for the first time ever, arrangers and investors connect easily to communicate, exchange information and execute.

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Primary loan market

Manage your syndicate effortlessly. Keep your syndicate partners constantly up-to-date while communicating, consulting and negotiating loans faster and more comfortably via our front-to-back digital platform. Benefit from sophisticated features to negotiate contracts simultaneously.

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Secondary loan market

Quickly and seamlessly connect with a large audience on our responsive secondary market – helping dealers to offer private debt products to a large investor base and supporting investors to gain a complete market overview to a large investment universe.

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Bringing the market together

vc trade in numbers

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